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In all inclusive concept 1 tennis court (from Alara Star and paid at night ) , fitness , dart , table tenis , beach volleyball , the day and nigths there is soft animation for a good time.Days entartemants and sports , aerobic , nights amfi theatre cabares , shows and dance shows.At the high sesasons once a week Türkisk night and live music for our guests.Mini clup (4-8 years) with the child animatare there wıll be children's disco show.

Alara Hotel Aktiviteler Alara Hotel Aktiviteler Alara Hotel Aktiviteler Alara Hotel Aktiviteler
Otelimiz yeni konseptiyle hizmete açılmıştır.

Web sayfamız kısa bir süre içinde yeni arayüzü ile yayında olacaktır
Our hotel opened a new concept.

Our website will be live within a short time with a new interface
Das Hotel eröffnete ein neues Konzept.

Unsere Website wird in kurzer Zeit mit einer neuen Live-Schnittstelle
Отель был открыт новой концепции.

Наш сайт будет жить в течение короткого времени с новым интерфейсом